Great Senior Care Program out of Summers Co. ARH

Here at the United Way of Southern West Virginia, we deal with many diverse sects of our local populations. However, if you were to be a fly on the wall in our office for a day, one would see that we receive calls seeking assistance from many seniors. Seniors in southern West Virginia, as with many communities, face hardships: whether it be living on a fixed income and getting an unexpectedly large utility bill, feeling socially isolated after the death of a spouse, or having limited mobility to get out and shop for groceries or pick up medications. The needs of our senior population are unique, and require unique solutions to meet them.

While giving a campaign presentation at Appalachian Regional Healthcare in Summers County, our Executive Director Michelle Rotellini had the opportunity to learn more about their Senior Care program. This program offers seniors suffering from depression, anxiety, grief, difficulty coping with personality changes, and many more behavioral health concerns an opportunity to meet with doctors, other health professionals, and peers to help them continue living an independent, full life. We feel that programs like this one help us to create and maintain strong, healthy communities! ARH Summers County’s Senior Care program is completely confidential, and lasts from 6-12 weeks (with treatment 2-4 days per week). They offer a free meal to patients on treatment days as well as FREE TRANSPORTATION within a 40 mile radius. Utilizing individual, group, and family therapy, treatment teams work to find solutions for each individual patient.

If you know, or are yourself, a senior struggling with any of these dilemmas, feel free to call Summers County ARH at 304-466-2969 or visit their website by clicking here. Additionally, community members may call our office at the United Way of Southern West Virginia, 304-253-2111, to be referred to the various Commissions on Aging in their county. At the United Way, we fight for the health, education, and income stability of every person in every community and are so glad to see programs like this flourishing in our backyard. Thank you to ARH for helping us to #LiveUnited in southern West Virginia!