Healthy Babies

Schools, hospitals, churches or other community organizations can request a Healthy Babies Presentation from the United Way to learn about the issues many children in our area are facing as they are exposed to alcohol or drugs while developing in the womb, or physical abuse once they are born. These presentations are poignant and show how the need to support children and families in Southern West Virginia is stronger than ever. Presentations include information on:

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

This baby represents the features that are associated with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. It represents only some of alcohol’s many devastating effects on a developing fetus, including: small head circumference, narrow eye openings, flat mid-face, flat nose bridge, and ear abnormalities.

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

This baby shows the devasting effects of substance use by a pregnant woman including: the baby’s painful facial expression, tiny limbs, and small size for its gestational age. The baby also demonstrates the heartbreaking cries and withdrawal tremors of a real drug-affected infant.

Shaken Baby

This baby is equipped with accelerometers that measure the force on the brain when shaken. The baby’s see-through head reveals LED lights that indicate the damaged areas of the brain in real time. The infant’s cries stop abruptly as shaking continues and permanent brain damage occurs.

These babies are available to be checked out for educational purposes from the United Way of Southern West Virginia. For more information please contact Christina Cowley,