New WIC Income Guidelines can help more WV Families

Effective May 2, 2019, the Women, Infants, and Children Supplemental Nutrition Program has increased their income guidelines in order to offer assistance to more West Virginia families. WIC in West Virginia has been providing nutrition counseling, breastfeeding support, food assistance and referrals for more than 40 years. New income guidelines appear in the graphic below; the image may appear blurry, but click on it to expand and clarify.

There are many myths that people believe about the WIC program, and at the United Way we would like to debunk some of those myths.

Here are some fast facts about WIC that EVERYONE should know:

  1. WIC services are FREE to program participants
  2. WIC provides services to married and single parents (working and not working), including fathers, mothers, grandparents, foster parents, or legal guardians residing with a child under the age of five
  3. WIC is accepted at most local grocery stores AND farmer’s markets!
  4. In order to keep receiving WIC benefits, you must connect with WIC four times per year
  5. You CAN purchase organic fruits and vegetables with your WIC card!
  6. WIC assists with formula costs – including specialty formulas like soy – not just solid foods!
  7. You can complete your required Nutrition Education class online!
  8. Children/families that receive SNAP, TANF, or Medicaid automatically qualify to receive WIC benefits. All foster children automatically qualify.
  9. WIC is NOT “welfare” – WIC is a supplemental program to families!
  10. Foods you receive are specifically prescribed to meet the needs of your developing baby, infant, or child.

You can access the official WIC Shopping guide here.  

In fact, you can download the WIC app which allows you to scan items in the grocery store to see if they are WIC eligible or not. WIC is an incredible resource that all families with children under 5 should be aware of! Please share this resource with everyone you know and visit for more information!