Who We Are

Our Vision

We envision our communities as a place where all people achieve their individual potential through education, financial stability and healthy lives.

Our Mission

We improve lives in Southern West Virginia by focusing on the building blocks for a good quality of life: health, education and financial stability. We work every day to mobilize the caring power of the people and organizations that have the passion, expertise and resources needed to make change.

Our Strategy

We are a community of donors, volunteers and partners who advocate for the health, education and financial stability of our communities. We create opportunities and platforms for our partners to make an impact in these areas. We provide experiences for individual involvement and support for the causes that our community cares about.

Our Goals

WE BELIEVE HEALTHY children, families, and workforce participants lead to stronger and more resilient communities.

  1. Improve access to programs that focus on the mental and physical health of our Southern WV Communities.
  2. Decrease the number of children living with food insecurity from 25 percent to 15 percent.
  3. Reduce the risk of our community health crisis caused by substance use disorders.

WE BELIEVE EDUCATION is essential to ending the cycle of poverty.

  1. Decrease the number of children who cannot read at grade level ready by 4th grade from 69 percent to 59 percent by 2023 to improve high school graduation rates.
  2. Break down barriers for learning to give every child an equal chance in the classroom.

WE BELIEVE IN CREATING FINANCIAL STABILITY through education, professional development, trade training, healthcare, and financial advocate.

  1. Encourage attainment of trade skills, enrollment in vocational schools, and/or awareness of higher education opportunities available to students in our service area.
  2. Help struggling families rebound after unexpected job loss.
  3. Help individuals effectively manage their finances and obtain good jobs.
  4. Continue to develop and increase awareness of our WV 2-1-1 Hotline in order to provide better information and referral services for those in our region struggling with financial, health, or social challenges.

Who We Serve

We serve the communities of Raleigh, Fayette, Nicholas, Wyoming, Summers, Mercer, and McDowell Counties, and the town of Bluefield, VA.

The UNITED WAY Advantage

We provide conservation of manpower, greater participation in charitable giving, lowered costs of fundraising, cooperation among agencies and avoidance of effort duplication.